Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The article No drivers, No pro is about the Google self-driving car. It tells about how smart it is and how easy it is. It also talks about how this will cut down the death by car rate and how there will be fewer cars on the street. It also talks about how it makes teen and senior sites better drivers and less likely to crash. It also talks about all the now technology in these cars. the text structure it is using is expository. we got the picture of the car and then the title and headers.

All the data collected is very close beside the on where it says females are treated the same as males i think why there is such a big gap in  between them is because each gender thinks they are better or it's not far girls want more and more and more it is not far till they get everything they want I am not saying this is just girls guys will do the same thing that is just how we are that is how we are programmed. but in all honesty, girls should get a lot more credit then what they get. For the most part, we all get treated equal but girls could be treated better.

Monday, May 22, 2017

my lollipop moment is when my mom got me a white monster and I didn't even ask for it. 

social media can improve your life by just making you happier and connecting with others in a whole new way. you can meet people from across the world and not even have to see them you have a phone in your hand and it will bacilli let you talk or find out about anything and any one. 

shows passion is to make everyone happier and be a personal fun haver. my passion is to play football and to have fun. I love football it is my life just the rush and the feeling and you get to meet other people from different schools. 

the two parts of social media are the good and the bad you got the people that post stuff to make people happy and then you got people that are mean and post mean stuff or make mean comments. with the good, you can have people look up to you and have a good influences in their life that could not be good. and then the bad is that you have the power to ruin someone's life. 

It helps in life by teaching us that we need to block out all the haters and all the people that tell us we can't we need to stand up and prove them wrong. If you put your mind to it anything is possible. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

my lollipop moment is when my mom got me a white monster last week and I did not ask for. I did not tell her that it was a lollipop moment.

she means we are all scared of being stronger than what we think we are in a good or bad don't dont want to hurt someone feelings because we said something mean. and don't dont want to make some one to happy becase then every one is going to expect that from us all the time.

i do agrea with this i feel the same way you dont want to hurt some one or make some one to happy.

Monday, May 8, 2017

what makes a book a classic is being original and one of a kind they have to be the best selling and a lot of people like the book and read it. probably needs a good title and cover and good summary on the back.

the cannon is in the part of the book or the book its self is getting judged or criticized.

books should never be banned if they are any type of learning thing it should not be banned books are one of the only things schools like to have there and if they band one maybe there was that one kid that does not like to read and then saw that book one day and wanted to read it and then the next day it is gone. two reasons it should be banned is because it talks about a low in u.s history and it does not use good langue.

Monday, May 1, 2017

   Dust pneumonia is when you breathe into much dust in and your laughs can no longer work. the cases of this are breathing bad air in and the symptoms of it is when you calf or short breath body aces. other things might happen to you like death.

there was putting vaseline up your nose so the dust would stick to that. they would make chest plaster out of tubing they would use lard and other oils to absurd the dust. all these worked just a bit but did not keep all the dust out. the case of this is loose dust and dirt on the ground is blow up by strong winds all over the town.

if our family had to pack one probably we all would grab one change of clothes and a blanket and then are chargers and that is it hopefully we will have money to buy things. the hardest part would be leaving my friends behind and my dogs and all my other stuff behind and knowing that there are other people back there that could use my help. and it would be hard to leave behind my girlfriend and all my other family.


Monday, April 24, 2017

this PSA is not too effective to me at least. I think what sold it to most people was the images or the video if they understudy it. but it is crazy how if you just put your phone down in the car you could save so many lives.

this is a PSA to show to others that there is a lot of people stressed out and there are so many ways to be. and it shows to the people that are stressed out how to deal with it. and I find this useful becses this is a problem that most people have on a daily.

Monday, April 17, 2017

If the person does not get a diploma it could lead to a job where they do not do much and don't work a lot of hours wich means more time at home and more time to consume junk food and too much of it. And if the job is not one where you are moving a lot it would make you lazier.

That is because they are getting lazy or it is getting pushed on them to do it. it is hurting society because they are not good workers and when you hire a person without a diploma it takes a job away from someone that does.

they can make it so it is not that stress full and make it essayer on the kids that are coming into high school with no idea what it really is 8th grade did not prep us enafe for high school in my option I think 8th grade should be a dumbed down version of 9th and then make 9th grade a bit easy and the 10th grade be full blown out high school.