Monday, March 20, 2017

it shows that there has been a big increase 21 % increase. people with a college degree are more likely to get and keep a job and get paid more it shows that haveing a college degree is more important now than ever before.

better grades are linked to is that it will make people think more highly of you and then it will get into a better college and then you can get a degree and then get a good job and keep a good job and then live happily ever after.

it will be more beat for a guy with higher grades because they will get paid a lot more I think that is because guys are more capped off more jobs and stuff and are a lot better at more hands on work and there is a lot more of that going on the the u.s right now.

Monday, March 13, 2017

I think 27% increase in enrolled meant is because the way the teach with how the refer to their leaders and how the get pushed and everything like that.

the purpose of this article is to show how if you push yourself put you heart into something and get teched right you can go big and do a lot. it shows if you put your mind to it you can do it. this is really good for kids that need that backbone and to keep them on the right track.

It is important because kids to need the backbone the display and show how stuff is done. we can start by no phones at school and if you mess up just a bit punishment. make the failing grades D's and I think the school will be 10 times.

Monday, March 6, 2017

I agree on checking on your social media the school wants the best student they can get or the team wants the best player and that is off and on the field. It is a good idea because people don't think twice about what they post on the internet and so they really don't hold anything back and so when the college looks at it and all your comments and posts and likes they are going to find out who you really are.

I agree about how kids are more worried about being a character than having character. people are going to post stuff to make them look cool and just trying to have the most followers or friends on social media. They will post stuff just to get likes. They don't think about the real world they just trying to be the beast on snap chat instead of being the beast they can be in the real world.

The high school rules in my opinion does not help having are phones at school does not help texting and snap chatting in class instead of paying attention in class is what leads to failing grades and colleges and employees don't like to see that even if you don't post something bad it is still you take a picture of your class that shows that you don't like to pay attention and colleges and employers don't like a slack off.

Monday, February 27, 2017

My apartment is going to be 494 dollars a month and my roommate will split it so 247 dollars will be coming out of my pocket each month for rent.

Everything is included in my rent bill besides electricity and that will be in average 30 dollars a month and then I have a roommate and we will split it so I will be paying 15 dollars a month. My cell phone bill is 25 dollars a month. Average gas for my truck a month will be 50 dollars. For car insurance, it will be 458 dollars a month. Mis.vandop I will not have to pay for an oil change that is dumb I can do that myself if I do it myself it will cost 82. Food bill would be around 220 dollars a month. 115 dollars a month for entertainment. 40 dollars for everything like close, tp, ext….

It would be super stress full because what if I get hurt or are sick or get laid off or get fired. It would be super valuable to be a certified and I will get paid a lot more than minimum wage I will be making up words of 14 dollars and hour and up the more advance, i get.  

In total my bill for living it will cost me 1252 dollars a month to live.

Monday, February 20, 2017

One career that I am interested in being a mechanic. I like to work on cars a lot. I like how it is like a big lego kit and you have to take it apart to put some new legos on and put it back together. I am strong and calm and I like working with my hand.
this school will help me get certified and pursue my dream of being an automotive machanic. it can teach me the basics and help me and then I can do diesel mechanic school too. UTI will be nice for me to pursue different fields in being a mechanic.

just as a regular mechanic I could make up to 63,000 dollars a year. as a diesel mechanic, I can make up words of 66,000 dollars a year. this is some good money I can be making.

Monday, February 13, 2017

this ties into are the last unit buy the advertisement and how people love sneakers and the advertisements they have if you see a person walking down the street and they are wearing a pair of jordans then it is reminding you oh yeah I want some of those they are cool.

they have the secondary market which is where they don't come from Nike someone else sells them to you far a different price. and then there is the retail market where you get the shoes from a store like foot locker and they sell them for the price they think is good to make a profit.

there is a stock market for all kinds of stuff. I would be interested in the fishing stocks and the tool stock because I have a lot of fishing stuff that is can buy and sell for others and for the tool market is the same if you are into stock markets you can make some good money or you can really get screwed over.

Monday, February 6, 2017

my article are illiterate. Sequence & Orde this is because the wrighter has to put his info in just right so the player is talking about sounds like he is the best and that to keep the reader reading the whole article.  Self-driving cars interest me because the idea of you not being in control of a couple ton vecall is sacary there is so much more that can go wrong.